LeAnn Rimes, The 30 year’s old singer finds pleasure in everyday’s normal parts of life. She is married to Eddie Cibrian. The Singer is the stepmother to two sons Jake and Mason with Brandi Glanville, a T.V star.

On the day of Wednesday, walking in the morning she overcomes with pleasure of the life they spend together. Leann felt and shared her good time and mood with twitter fans.

Her tweet for almost 480,000 fans and followers ‘Loud movie, kiddos covered in blankets, just usual daily things make me very happy this morning,’

She further said that she’s was looking forward to her show for that day.

LeAnn has jumped back in latest months after entering herself into rehab for ‘stress and anxiety’ last year.

In April, she said to Mail Online that she was going through tenure when she just was not sleeping, her mind would not shut off and her heart was breaking.

She already explained many times in the past that she was horrible after an extramarital affair with Eddie. LeAnn and Eddie were married at the time of shooting of “Northern Lights”, a 2009 television movie, eventually an off screen romance lead them to their divorces. The Singer struggled to survive for his fame and found the collapse her marriage to Dean Sheremet hard.

LeAnn explained that “This second marriage was not a rebellion. I clearly fell in love with Eddie, but it was not done with rejection at all and it was hard for everybody involved. However, growing up the way I did, I do not think I had the tools to handle it the way I should have done,”