Prefab Sprout after a long break again heading towards to reenter into the world of music in their new material Album in Oct 2013, after 13 years.

New Album has taken almost 13 years to complete after writing it down and is named as ‘Crimson/Red’ and will be available on 7th Oct on Icebreaker Records. ‘Crimson/Red’ has been written and recorded over the past 18 months and is being called as the best Prefab Sprout stuff since the band’s seminal ‘Jordan: The Comeback’ album way back in 1990.

People are taking this as the best material from Prefab Sprout since their ‘Jordan: The comeback’ album released in 1990.

The listing of track for album runs as follows

The Best Jewel Thief in the World;

The List of Impossible Things;


Grief Built the Taj Mahal;

Devil Came a Calling;


The Dreamer;

The Songs of Danny Galway;

The Old Magician;


The very last and official release by the Prefab Sprout namely ‘Let’s change the World with Music’ released in 2009. Although the fact is that the record was largely conceived and was written years back that makes the release of ‘Crimson/Red’ more affecting. Prefab Sprout is the name who doesn’t require any introduction. Their existence mostly comprised Martin McAloon, Paddy McAloon , Neil Conti-sprung and Wendy Smith and got fame by releasing ‘Steve McQueen’ (1985), ‘Swoon’ (1984), ‘Jordan: The Comeback’ (1990) and ‘From Langley Park To Memphis’ (1988).

The Prefab Sprout band got top 40 successes on their eight albums and their super hits that include Cars and Girls, the king of Rock n Roll and when the lover breaks down.

‘Crimson/Red’ album was written and conceived by instrumental’s player of the band, McAloon. He also played instruments on the records. There are many subjects that are tackled in this Album that includes ‘Mysterious’ by Bob Dylan, a lovely called meeting between Jimmy Webb and Paddy in 1991 (‘Danny Galway Songs ’) and most probably (‘The Old Magician’) with Paddy himself.